Golden River

The Golden River is one of the Great Rivers of Nora. It forms the natural border of Ilefain and Canstice. The river begins in the Aerbs Mountains and flows south-west, splitting off into the Brassfire River at the northern Verdant Hills. The Main Golden continues down and empties out into Lake Granlea before once again flowing south west and into the sea.


A mile wide at Ostium.


Beuroi's Forts

After the defeat of Elknor, Beuroi inflicted a decisive defeat on the goblins, whose lands he subsequently occupied. However, the alliance with Ilefain caused Beuroi come unease however, and he therefore began the commission of fortifications along the Golden River.

Battle of Golden River

In 1083, the Golden River begins to give way to water elementals attacking any traveling down the river. The river proves unsafe for five years (1088) before the mystery is solved by Tenser and the river laid to rest.

Cities along the river

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