Golden Pillars

The Golden Pillars of Seicania are the holy wards of Verai Songbird and protectors of his influences. Each Pillar is the charge of a specific type of person or thing and is usually portrayed with a special symbolic representation.

The Pillars are detailed below:
Ahkatsim Those Who Are Brave Shield
Dkaipar Things That Grow Garden
Etsefer Those Who Feel Flock of Birds
Kayal M'asiya That Which Holds Worth Coin
Kyobisheh Those Who Give Fire
Manahel Barzel Those Who Are Kind Sword
Melek Khoshek Those Who Are True Snake
Nahareven Those Who Help Brick
Rakdamsufah Those Who Learn Lightning
Sha'aratsmai Things That Change Door
Syamashakipus Those Who Seek Quill
Yadnavim Those Who Hope Eyes
Yaladim Tyehre'a That Which Is Lost Animals
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