Gogan Nghar Madyn
Gogan Nghar Madyn
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth c1357 PI
Date of Death
c807 PI
Home ?
Other Names Llawnwyn (s. Tristion)
The Mountain Elf
Title(s) Leader of the Bloodragers
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Tribe Nightriver
Family Members Tristion Er Goganes (wife)
Awen Faen Gogan (son)
Madyn (Father)
Occupation Anwar
Loyalty Nightriver Tribe
Aquarian Empire

Gogan Nghar Madyn (coe-gahn k'har maw-din) was a mythical elf anwar barbarian and founder of the elven bloodragers. Gogan was a member of the Survivors of the Afonos Tribe as written in the White Book of Fermar, and as such grew to combat the Three Plagues of the Gwerin.

He was a giant among elves with a mythical height. He is often called the Mountain Elf and it was said that his enemies thought a mighty peak was marching towards them as he came into battle. His sword was the greatsword, Afongwaed, a blade stolen from an orcish chieftain. The sword is said to be the height of ten elves and can cleave an entire forest in a single swing.

Gogan as a mythical figure is seen as a racial hero for the elves of Tir'Éin. Many warriors in battle attempt to evoke the spirit of this legendary hero.


Birth and boyhood

Even before Gogan was born, he was marked for destiny. His mother (unnamed in the White Book) was struck by lightning just before giving birth, but both the mother and babe remained unmarked by the heavenly bolt.

It is told that when Gogan was a young boy, his brother (also unnamed) was killed by an orc chieftain. Gogan, though young, was a ble to defeat the orc and take his sword as a trophy. This sword became known as Afongwaed.

The Adulthood Trials

see The Gwerin Plagues

As told in the narrative of the White Book, Gogan was training with the tribe's master archer, Goeth, receiving a rough lesson with a pair of blades when Brân Gwerin came to collect him to see the druid Luth and the smith Enynen. Brân had his dire wolf companion, Howl of Fadhan playfully tackle him and assault him with slobbery kisses. On their way to the masters, Gogan shook the children caretaker, Hafon, out of a tree. The caretaker was hiding from his students, which both Gogan and Brân promised not to reveal to the others. While Gogan kept his promise, the tricky Brân told the village children of Hafon's whereabouts.

Gogan, with the other red tattooed youths (Brân, Fermar Auth Largwyln and Rhôn Fos Fehl), were given the sacred quest to gather items from he forest to complete their adulthood trials. They gathered llin seeds from a cursed bush guarded by the corpses of wolves and found another group of elven youths lead by the ranger Fehl who were on their way to raid a nearby orc village. Serilfil offered to help the raiders and Gogan happily agreed to join.

After the elves slew the village of orcs, Gogan heard the sound of weeping coming from under a pile of garments. He investigated and found the young slave girl Teleri. The girl did not speak and had a mysterious nature. Gogan helped gather the bodies of the orcs and slain elven slaves for a funeral pyre, then left with the others when the sun rose.

The next night, Gogan and the others (now joined by Frae Mabdân), went to hunt a king elk. After some time, Howl of Fadhan discovered they were being followed and found Teleri hiding behind a tree. She stuck close to Gogan for the hunt. They soon found the king elk, but Rhôn was unable to hit it with his bow. The elk was but a figment of faerie glamour. Gogan smelled the sweet scent of fairies and managed to catch one. The pixie told Gogan he would give a prize if he let him go. Gogan did, and the pixie quickly ran away, leaving a trail of faerie fire behind. The youths followed, finding a real king elk and the fey allowed Rhôn to make his shot, felling the creature. The elves soon returned home.

Gogan joined Brân in a search for a lost cooshee, following Howl of Fadhan who had the scent. The dire wolf lead them into the Spider Swamps and to a hag named Jenny O' the Bog who had the missing hound. The hag was willing to give the hound over, but only for something in return that has no corporeal worth. Gogan offered a leather bracelet, once worn by his dead brother, but this was refused by Jenny. Only a song from Serilfil seemed to satisfy her and convince her to return the hound.

Later, Gogan and the others went to the lake Llyn Dŵrog and defeated the Maro-Morgens found there, removing the curse of the lake. This allowed Gogan to gather the branches of the Hywen Tree, which grew in the lake. Afterwards Gogan took his adulthood ceremony and created his totemic bow. In Gogan's ceremony, he felt the voices of his ancestors blessing and guiding him. Gogan then ran through the forest with his peers and were bonded with them.

Invasion of the Firewalkers

The druid Minyth Rhew Elóril from the Two Moons tribe was expected for Gogan's adulthood ritual, but did not show. He and his companions went to look for him. The druid was found in the Spider Swamps, a prisoner of the spider-woman, Coryn. After freeing the druid and his daughter, they returned to the village to find it destroyed. Gogan and Rhôn found a clear trail left by the invaders leading off to the east. Gogan met with other survivors and heard tale of an army of dwarves with black stones in their heads. Rhôn decided to scout after the trail and see the army himself. Gogan joined, with Howl of Fadhan and Branwen as well. Before they left Tristion said a blessing to Gogan in her strange language.

The four of them came upon a camp and saw many elves and dwarves with black stones in their foreheads. Also traveling among them were three red skinned folk with horns and tails. These three were of the Diawliaid. Despite the protests of Rhôn and Gogan, Branwen went forth and sneaked up to the Nightriver captives. With words too quiet for Rhôn and Gogan to hear, she spoke first with Fehl and then with Meurig, brother of Magan, before rejoining the others. The enemy camp began to move further north, towards the sea. The four scouts returned and reported.

Fermar insisted that he leave to find the captives before they reach the sea, fearing boats may take them away. No words could change his mind, so he left toward the sea with Gogan, Tristion and Branwen. The four companions reached the seashore and saw the city of Ys. They disguised themselves and entered the city. They found pens with dire boars and a prison with elven slaves, though neither Gogan, nor Fermar, knew how to open them. Branwen and Tristion free the dire boars, Gogan used Afongwaed to cut through the metal chains of the gaol. All ran out of the city, using the dire boars as cover. Gogan allies with the leader of the dire boars, Ysgithrwyn Boar-Chief. They travel to the Two Moons village.

The Green Mist

Mercenary in the Second Thevruminic War

see Thevruminic Wars

battle during minotaur wars where gogans unit came to a straight and gogan told them to pack reeds onto themselves and wait. boats come by and gogans unit spring up out of the water and climb onto boats and win the battle. that straight is now called the Red Straight.

The Sleeping Sun

last part of the game, gogan was at the battle of Atheam, Battle of the Elindor Prince and the final Battle of the Orbs.

Gogan so mighty that he defeated death.

Later life and death

Gogan returns back to his tribe after the battle.

gogan has one son. but he gives a prophecy that whosoever finds his blade will be his son in spirit. Awen Faen Gogan is his son.

continues to lead bloodragers. trains awen to take over.

when old, gogan felt his death approaching and went to face his final battle. his resting place is marked by a hewn red dragon skull and his blade impacted into the ground. or so it is said - no one has ever found gogan's grave.

"It came to be that, he was so in touch with the spirits in his old age, that they were swirl around ihim like thin fog, whispering secrets and knowledge. Well, instead of simply fading away into death, he, in his advanced years, which were considerable, just rose one day, saying nothing more then that he was poroud of his family, and his sons and daughters, and left. Noone knows where he went, but, there are tales that, in the following yere, there were earth quakes, as if the land were shaking from some massive brawl, and in the mountains many weeks travel from there, sounds of thunder and mighty bellows cold be heard, as if titanic beasts fought. The sounds continued for a week straight, then, were silenced…noone was brave enough to find the truth.

…someone, deep in a mountainside, if one were to look hard enough, the now-destroyed cavern of a once-mighty red dragon could be found, caved in and collapsed. After so long, only the skeleton of the mighty red is seen, it's treasure destroyed in the heat of its rage, and the reason for it's demise is clear, a single, mighty blade, now seemingly coated in rest, piercing the roof of it's mouth and just barely poking out through the crown of its skull. The very stone around it's head is smoothed, as if melted….but there is no other skeleton, not even ashes, not a hint of Who killed it….only the ancient, strange blade…."

Appearance and personality

He was a giant among elves with a height some sources say exceeded seven feet. He had a scar across his midsection and had a shaved head, save for a long braid in the back. After his return from the Thevruminic Wars, he sported an eyepatch on his left eye. He wore a leather bracelet, once belonging to his dead brother.

surpringly upbeat personality. treats others with respect. gogan evokes fear in non-elves, but evokes pride in elves. he embiggens them. he is an enduring myth that fills elves with pride. a hero of their race.

Powers and abilities

gogan hears the whispers of his ancestors and when trancing, sees their spectors surrounding him.

gogan's spirit guide is that of his ancestor line.




During a raid on an orc village, Gogan discovered a slave girl named Teleri. She has stuck close to him ever since.




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