Goblinoids (draconic "gobelinus''), also referred to simply as goblins, are a number of like races bent on the subjugation of all other races. They are generally crepuscular, active during dawn and dusk.

It is theorized that goblins originally came across the the Wyrmspires during the Age of Magic from a distant land and conquered lands in southern Nora where they remain today.



Goblinoids all share a creation myth where there were four wolf-gods who bore their kind. First created were the barghests, created in the planes and then the goblins created in the world. These four gods were Arak (the warrior), Uri (the devourer), Dorësh (the fire-wolf) and Arkëtar (the thief).

Mythic themes

Goblin myth often includes devils, dhampirs, giants, barghests, vampires, naiads, sylphs and strix.


Goblins believe that every living thing has an aura (called ora in goblin). It is considered a companion spirit that surrounds the person and blessed seers can read what the spirit is telling about the person.

Goblin Races

A hobgoblin


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Common Goblin

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