Gnesis Cults

Gnesis Cults are independent religious organizations dedicated to the worship of the elemental gods, Kalabrath, Tala Errin, Urala and Ornus.

Most gnesis cults do not have a fixed religious dogma or theology but the high priests have tended towards a pantheistic worldview. The central ritual is the communal feast but the priests also conduct name-giving ceremonies, coming of age rituals, weddings and funerals. The cults have on some occasions taken a stance on political issues.

Beliefs and Practices

Though many cults differ from one another, they mostly have the same core values; Worship of the spirits and entities the elemental gods represent.

Mostly do not have any religious dogma or theology. Individual members have various beliefs. Though members are not expected to follow the lead of any religious authority, all the high priests have publicly expressed their personal beliefs at one point or another.

"It's no use to rush out into space to search for the gods there, if they want to have anything to do with me, they will come. I have often become aware of them, but I don't rush after them or shout at them. I have gotten to know them a bit in myself and also in other people. Primarily it is the effects of the great force felt by everyone that make me religious. The most remarkable thing about faith is that it gives us growth, the possibility to grow and thrive. And humility cannot be neglected. Without it we cannot live to any useful degree, though of course it has its particular place. But a man who is completely without it is a madman."

The earth, the air and the water has great value to us. We are a part of the earth and not its masters.

The gods which appears to us in the multiplicity of nature and of human life. We have manifestations of certain primal forces which are the gods and we have a division in the roles of the gods. These are powers that are visible, half-visible and sometimes invisible. One could have a long scholarly discussion on the role of individual gods, but in the end this is a question of a feeling for the different aspects of life.

Calm and Destruction

The world is split into two in its nature, divided into constructive forces, the calm, and the destructive forces. The cults realize this dichotomy and to decide to side with the calm. The best way to do that, is to be self-consistent, live in harmony with nature, associate with it with respect and to submit to the public order. The gods shape the dwelling places of people and the world out of the material that already exists. To that extent we can look on the forces of nature as the gods themselves and to a large extent that is what people did in antiquity.

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