Geletrode Multiversity

The Geletrode Multiversity in in Aecyeld, Ilefain. Geletrode has a long history of providing finest arcane education to aspiring wizards.

Most consider a Geletrode education to be the most well-rounded and useful curriculum any historical school provides and many graduates have gone on to distinguished careers as advisors and rulers.

Motto: Utility

Gellen Aquedor Geletrode defeated the local gnoll horde that plagued the area and earned the respect of the locals.

Gellen Aquedor Geletrode was a great wizard and educator. He designed the training and educational processes. He was also a great believer in magic being a tool as well as an art form.

The syllabus here is one of utility. Many of the tests are based on logic and the application of mundane but important skills like counting, keeping time, remembering to eat and so forth.

And of course, knowing how magic is put together means that undoing it becomes that much easier. Alumni from the Geletrode Multiversity tend to be ambitious and self confident.

Prohibited: Either illusion or necrmancy.

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