Gelb Clan
Gelb Clan
Coat of Arms ?
Seat ?
Hauptlord Víglundar Hammergrimm
Region Tall Hills
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord ?
Families ?
Ancestral Weapon Wegfalscher
Founder ?

The Gelb Clan is a dwarven clan residing in the Tall Hills in Ilefain within Erwynn and Coranthe.

The central tenant of the Gelb is loyalty; a concept that is thin in scope and not just highly valued, but demanded with extremism.

Faced with a never ending war with the Bloodsun Tribe of gnolls, the Gelb Hauptlord, Víglundar Hammergrimm, realizes that he must assemble an army equipped with the most potent arms and armor his smiths can provide, and with the steely resolve to prevail against the gnoll horde.

The Gelb is a group comprised of skilled and courageous dwarves, given the task of venturing into the most dangerous places to collect the finest ores, gold and gems found there. These precious resources are to be used in the crafting of weapons of power rivaling those made by the ancestor smiths of old. As a reward for their bravery and dedication, the hauptlord has promised that when the weapons of legend are finished, it will be the Gelb who carry them into battle at the head of a Dwarf army.


The Rainbow of Fortune





The concept of gold is tied with the concept of the sun.


The Gelb tend to name their sons and daughters the names of the ancient Midgard Dwarves. This came from the King's fascination of the Old World.

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