seal: a bridge
Aliases The Rainbow Bridge
Size Small Town
Location dargoneth
Ruler Count Meirion Crowther
Population 2,000
Exports Druidic products

Garth is a town located on the banks of the Caras River (elven: Afon Carwas). It is the county seat for the House of Crowther and the birthplace of the infamous serial killer, Silence. Also, the town is said to be the birthplace of the leader of the masked elven bardic troupe, the Crograff.


elves and shifters
a massive flood in c300 NS
failed art movement c 600 NS
Decline c 700 NS
another massive flood c 1100 NS
rebirth of the town - c 1200

Geography and Cityscape

The Towers of Garth
sculpture park
Count's mansion
Druid center
rainbow bridge
clock tower


Crossroads city
druid culture
farmer culture

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