High Queen Garnet XVII
Garnet til Alexandros XVII
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Alexandria
Date of Birth 1335 NS
Home Castle Alexandria
Alias(es) The White Queen
Title(s) High Queen
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members House of Alexandros
Occupation Queen
Loyalty Allied Kingdoms of Nora

Garnet til Alexandros XVII is the current High Queen of the Allied Kingdoms of Nora. She barely escaped a murder attempt by her mother, High Queen Brahm, and managed to dissolve a brewing war with Ilefain.

She is married to gidan-of-alexandros and has three children, errin-alexandros and Princesses Gailen and Jocelin.


Early Years



Siege of Lindblum



Crowned 1351 NS


Garnet is quick-thinking and uses diplomacy effectively in order to pursue her goals. She is mature, calm and enjoys literature.

The 13 Great Norans

In 1364, High Queen Garnet lionized thirteen groundbreaking Norans who lived during the Age of Knowledge and the ideals that have shaped the kingdoms. Most of the figures presented were female.

  • Alexander
  • (great king who died for a cause)
  • (social leader who died for rights)
  • (explorer)
  • (tribal leader)
  • (rights activist for social classes and workers)
  • (inspirational bard)
  • (sculpter)
  • (wizard)
  • (painter)
  • (first minority in a major field)
  • (major disabled person doing a great thing)
  • (philosopher and women's rights activist)
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