Fyr Firs
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Fyr Firs
Size Large Town
Location Ghoper Forest,
Fyrcarrick County,
Ruler Countess Sandra Carrick
Population 9,600
Exports ?

Fyr Firs is a coastal town in Tir'Ein at the mouth of the Anfyr River.

Historical home of a great poet, Rabby Nevin the most celebrated poet of Tir'Ein.
A great fountain
Famous palace gardens
wizard tower
town square with the poems written in the stones.
Home to the Carrick Shipbuilding Guild
Church of Light presence. Home to a chapter of Crookers.
Town is notable for its slinging tradition. Holds a yearly tournament for slingers.
Used as a naval base during the Orcwars.
Also notable for their love of footracing.

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