Four Winds Abby
Four Winds Abby
Location Brehr, Ilefain
Affiliation ?
Construction ?-?
Creator ?
Associated Figures Nai-shi,
Master Tortoise,
Master Grasshopper,
Grandmaster Glow

Four Winds Abby is a zylist monastery in Brehr along Wonderluck Road. It is made from a repurposed Len wooden fortress from the Age of Kings. The monks of the abby take strict vows, notably a vow of silence. The vow is usually taken after three years in the monastery.

The abby is overseen by Master Tortoise. While Grandmaster Nai-shi lives apart from the temple, she still takes on small groups of students.


View of the inner chapel

Nai-shi found in a basket


Death of Grandmaster Glow


The Death of Master Hummingbird



Four Winds Abby layout

Chamber of Whispers

A monk who has taken a vow of silence may speak in this chamber without breaking their vow, as long as what is said is needed and not superfluous.

Inner Sanctum


Monastic Life

"Strict Observance" refers to the monk's goal to take the three vows: stability, fidelity to monastic life, and obedience. As the monks also insist on silence, it has some importance in their way of life. The monks will generally only speak when necessary, and idle talk is strongly discouraged. It is believed speech disturbs a disciple's duty for quietude and receptivity, and may tempt one to exercise one's own will instead of the passive energies of the world. Speech which leads to unkind amusement or laughter is seen as evil and is banned. In years past, a Monastic Sign Language was developed to dissuade speaking. Meals are usually taken in contemplative silence, as members of the order are supposed to listen to a reading.

Goods for Sale

The goods produced range from cheese, bread and other foodstuffs to clothing and coffins. They also brew beer that improves with age. Four Winds Beer is considered one of the finest Len beers.

The monks keep a small herd of yan for textiles, cheese and milk.


The monk of the four winds is connected to the natural world in a way few other creatures—even other monks—can hope to match. He can call upon the elements and the spirits of the world in times of need, and as he nears his goal of perfection, he gains the ability to slow down time and even defeat death itself.

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