Four Brothers Era

also see adventuring in the Four Brothers Era

The Four Brothers era is a period of history in Nora, part of the Age of Kings. It refers to the time from the foundation of Erwynn, around 600 PI, to the rise of the Dark Empire in 150 PI.

The four brothers were the kingdoms of Brehr, Coranthe, Erwynn and Ibben. The term Four Brothers was famously coined by Lord Stratford in his play "A Dance to No Music".

The early part of this period was marked by chaotic warfare, slowly growing more stable as the rival states settled. The later part of the era suddenly burst into war again as Coranthe was overrun by Erwynn to become Ilefain, the King of Brehr was assassinated and Ibben collapsed internally.

This historical period has been greatly romanticized in Fainish culture. It has been popularized through operas, stories and plays. Regardless of the popularity of the era, it remains one of the bloodiest periods of Noran history.


The Years without Light

Rise of the Four Brothers

Tiefling Invasions

Yellow Sash Rebellion

Eight Banners Army

Noble Houses

The Church of Light

The Church rose at this time, but did not become a major political power until the Age of Knowledge.

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