The Fomorian is a hideously ugly and grossly deformed type of giant-kin. They are not tolerated in any societies except those of the frost giants, hill giants and ogres who often use them for manual labour.

A fomorian is usually neutral evil in alignment, and, if classed, are usually barbarians.


Fomorians are usually found in caves, abandoned mine shafts, or like areas, decorated by the half-eaten remains of their last meal. The strongest Fomorian rules over the rest, and females and children are treated no better than slaves. Violent acts are commonplace. Captives are usually tortured for their captors' amusement, then eaten.

Fomorians often work for frost giants, hill giants or ogres (especially in the Ice Spires) in exchange for food and lodgings, which are invariably of poor quality. Their deformities make it difficult for them to carry out the manual tasks to which they are normally assigned, but the races for whom they work usually enjoy exerting their power over them.

Myths and legends

Most fomorians believe that the prophetic king of giants will be born as a fomorian and will not realise his destiny at first, but when he does, he will be transformed into a giant larger than any titan, and subsequently transform the entire fomorian race also.


Fomorians try to catch a foe off-guard and hit as hard as they can while they are unawares, since, unlike other giants, they don't throw boulders. They can be "convinced" to fight alongside a travelling party, but this companionship only lasts as long as the fomorian fears his dominator.

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