Aliases Hometown
The First City
The Tri-City
Size Large City
Location vitezza,
Ruler ?
Population 13,500
Exports Silk, Books,
Musical Intruments

Flûte is a Canstian city along Samnian Way between Felicity and Melda Arch. Flûte is an important area for the production and weaving of silk and has developed a reputation as the capital of book printing in Canstice. Also notable is the Eastrove University, the first true university in Nora.

Due to the influence of the Élevégers, Flute was the capital of Canstice from 1 to 672 NS after House il'Fiammone moved it to Calori. Due to the destruction of Calori in 1378, the royal family has taken refuge in Flute and talks have arose to move the capital back to its original location.


28 PI - 14 NS - Beuroi of Flute

88 NS - Eastgrove University Founded by Tavish ket Alexander.

671 NS - However, as the Élevéger nobles continued to rule the growing Kingdom well into the 7th century, the commonfolk, made of Sofians, began to resent the rule of "foreigners". The nobility grew greatly unpopular with the commonfolk until 671, when it was revealed that Rakshasas were controlling the throne from the shadows.

1043 NS - The Golden River begins to give way to water elementals attacking any traveling down the river. The river proves unsafe for five years before the mystery is solved and the river laid to rest.



The Golden and Stilvi̱ rivers converge to the south of the historic city centre forming a peninsula. There are two large hills, one to the west and one to the north of the city centre, as well as a large plain which sprawls eastward.

Eastgrove Square

Notable park/square. One of the largest in Canstice. Dhanni saved the town from the Deathsong plague and the town constructed a large statue of the goddess. The first university campus was Eastgrove University in Flute, Canstice. The Four Universities are the most prestigious centers of education in Nora.

Two famous bridges - one blue, one white.
Great cathedral of the Church of Light
Important city walls
Aquarian theater
Home to many nobles grand townhouses.
Fountain of four bulls
The image of the Flute figures into many common city fixtures, including the town arms. It is also a common instrument for the townsfolk to learn.
the Castello di il'Fiammone - royal residence. Now de facto capital.


A city of tailors.
Book printing and poets
Home to a Order of Clerics
Interest in Zamundian culture
Home to a famous wizard, artificer and scientist
Famous poet writer woman, the daughter of a candlemaker.
House of Hayvan

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