Florian il'Alturri
Florian il'Alturri
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1324 NS
Home Castelli, Canstice
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Sir,
Physical Description
Race Human, Sofian
Gender Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
House House il'Alturri
Family Members Adriana il'Alturro (Wife)
Lidia (Daughter)
Rona (Daughter)
Maia (Daughter) †
Mauro (Son) †
Corrado il'Alturri IV (Father)
Olivia il'Alturri (Mother)
Malinda (sister) †
Jessica (sister) †
Alice il'Alturri (ex-wife) †
Occupation Mayor of Castelli
Loyalty ?

Sir Florian il'Alturri is the mayor of Castelli.


Early life and knighthood

First Marriage

In 1354, Florian's family forced first marriage with the House of Hawthorne after the High Royal wedding. Alice il'Alturri was very young at the time and was a reputed beauty. She gave two daughters, Lidia and Rona.

In 1364, Alice was found dead in the marshes, an apparent suicide.

Second Marriage

Florian chose his second wife to save her from her family. Adriana and Florian were married in 1368. Two years later, Adriana gave birth to twins, Maia and Mauro.

The twins died with their governess in the Castelli fire at age five.

Appearance and personality

Powers and abilities

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