Flameshield Goblins

The Flameshield Goblins reside in a handful of lodges spaced about a day apart along the Eastern edge of the Dreleven Forest. They have long been a thorn in the side of the denizens of that wood and the settlers who farm and ranch in the plains to the west. Now the Flameshields have become a prominent threat. Disruptions to the weather and landscape due to the powerful magic being used by the elemental cults has been taken as a sign from Kalabrath that blood and gold must flow from the lands of lesser races.

The hobgoblins seek supply sources in the valley. Scouts found that the farmers and ranchers in the area are prime options. Now, roving war bands attack the frontier families directly, raiding the homesteads with impunity. In addition to stealing livestock, the Flameshields take any carts and wagons they find, loading them with loot. They take the families as slaves and force them to tow the conveyances back to the Flameshield lodges.

Some independent-minded squads of hobgoblins decided that the fertile land of the homesteads was more appealing than serving as underlings in their own lodges, and they killed the original owners to occupy the land. They have no intention of farming the crops or tending the livestock, but they intend to stay until the food runs out, them move on to the next settlement.

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