First House of Alexander
First House of Alexander
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Seat Castle Alexandria,
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Cadet Branches Second House of Alexander
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The First House of Alexander was the first royal dynasty of the High Crown of the Allied Kingdoms of Nora founded by alexander. The dynasty gained several holdings all over Nora and founded Ten Horns.

In total, six First House monarchs ruled Nora from 1 - 139 NS. The legitimate male line of the First House went extinct with the death of High King Orion I, although an illegitimate scion, Lucius ren Alexander, was active at the High Court. The last legitimate member of the First House was Mary tir Xanden, who was killed in 191.

A distinctive Noran culture and art emerged during the First House era, encouraged chiefly by Tavish ket Alexander, a patron of the arts.

Many of the First House kings were renowned as warriors; Adel ab Alexander left his mark in battle.

Pennynold and his sons

  • Mystery surrounds the life and death of Sofia Alexander. Official records say she died when she was ten, but no tomb exists. Needles to say, many conspiracies revolve around her tale.
  • Lydia Alexander became a cleric and remained unmarried. Though she did commission the cathedral in Alexandria and was very active in the community.
  • Alfar Alexander was accidentally killed during a hunting trip.
  • Aran Alexander was at first betrothed to a man she fancied, but after he died to battle, she was at first betrothed to the son of Lord Hawthorne, but was then betrothed to the Prince of Ilefain. She did not wish to marry him or go to Ilefain and died a virgin on the road to the wedding. Her body was returned to Alexandria. She was immortalized in the tragic play "The Suitors of Aran Alexander" by Lord Stratford.
  • Durren Alexander was a great warrior and became a duke and a leader of knights. He became known as Durren Ironhose. He was a legendary rider and a lancer beyond compare. He married his long time consort, Sambethe de'Chanfeu, who died in childbirth.

Tavish and the Climb for the Crown

Tavish, Tarnish and Tawlim were born triplets. They spent the rest of their lives under the shadows of themselves. Each trying to outdo the others in a loveless contest to come out with the crown. Their sibling feud was notorious and often violent.

Adel, Usher and Orion face War

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