Fire and Crystal

Fire and Crystal is a minor saga following two days of adventure involving Michael Ether, Heavy, and the Felicity Archmage, the Crimson Rose. It takes place in the city of Felicity during the spring of 1376 NS.

Michael Ether; member of the Ashbringers
Heavy; (family name) armed transport
Crimson Rose; Archmage of Felicity; conjuror. "I can do worse. Halt your hostilities"


Battle at the Academy

An explosion rang out in the dead of night at the base of the tower at the Academy. This caused the Crimson Rose, archmage of the academy to awaken and find that the academy was being invaded by a force of dragonborn. Also, the thug, Heavy, and local mysterious persona, Michael Ether heard the explosion and rushed forward to investigate, Michael taking to the skies. Through teamwork, they managed to defeat and thwart the dragonborn. Michael defeating their leader in the skies, with the help of the academy's elder air elemental, Heavy defeating the courtyard villains, and the Crimson Rose defending the tower from the inside.

However, a huge red dragon came down and smashed into the tower, grabbing something from the inside and flew off, with Michael in hot pursuit. Heavy, with the use of a carpet of flying, also took chase. The dragon, grabbing a hold of a clocktower elsewhere in town, faced Michael. The dragon explained he was Valigant the Red and he worked for the dragon-king of Altas-Ventia, a force more powerful that any human could imagine. Michael decided he had heard enough and they clashed in battle, ending in the defeat of Valigant.

They discovered in Valigant's claw, an artifact held by the academy, the Shrieking Pipes. Heavy decided to decapitate the dead dragon and take the head for himself, leaving the body to be dealt with by the city. Michael noticed a strange man with tattoos on his face in the growing crowed, but paid it no immediate mind. He then left before the city guard showed, but wrote a letter introducing himself and the Ashbringers to the Crimson Rose.

Strange Magics

The next day, the Crimson Rose came back to remove the rest of the dragon carcass, only to discover it was missing. After a quick meeting with Heavy, they traveled to Heavy's transport business to discover the building's shape had been gruesomely warped. Inside were large columns of crystal, but none of Heavy's family or co-workers. It was then discovered that the crystals were encasing those people and the Crimson Rose worked to free them using stone shape and shatter.

The man who Michael spied last night walked into the shop and offered Heavy a high position in their organization, but he declined. The man, named Bakish, attacked the group with his psionics as his allies began to assemble. The Crimson Rose summoned giant scorpions to take care of the others. The battle traveled out into the courtyard and Bakish summoned forth the body and head of Valigant from a psionic alter-dimension and threw a crystal spur at it. The dragon animated and attacked. A terrible battle, but it was brought down by the heroes.

The Crimson Rose claimed the body of the dragon and Heavy offered Michael a partnership to hunt down agents of the Pyramid. An offer he readily accepted.

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