Firbolgs are a race of giants who once had many kingdoms over the northern Near World. Originally from southern Midgard in Götaland.



After c2,200 PI and before c950 PI. Two kingdoms each lead by mythic kings. They create kingdoms which last for hundreds of years. Nine mythic kings. Kingdoms are Fir Rafnshel and Fir Bjornshel on the Island of Cannock.


A series of confederate kingdoms located in what is modern day Rindland, Vansludera and the Neverwanting Plains. Prior to 317 PI.


After c3,300 PI and before c1,600 PI


The Raven Queen

The Raven Queen is an elder demigoddess and once the ruler of the Firbolg. she is immortal and fearsome, but not cruel. Her fate is a mystery.

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