Fieriel, the Lord of Slaughter
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Ys
Date of Birth c1145 PI
Home The Shadowvast
Alias(es) Ffiriel, son of Frae
(elven myth)
Titles Lord of Ys
King of the High Tower
Lord of Slaughter
Sin Pride
Portfolio Dark Fey
Worshipers Unseelie fey, druids
the downtrodden
Favored Weapon hammer

Fieriel Ignitious Vindicar, called Ffiriel, son of Frae in elven mythologies, and known as the Lord of Slaughter, was the youngest of the original nine Fey'ri and is currently a demon prince of the Shadowvast, the patron of dark fey, tricksters and those seeking power.

In life, Fieriel was born to Telal Xul in the mythical city of Ys. He assisted Tegtarian in defeating the Gwerin Plagues and later joined the Aeonus with septimus-tremanus. He later lead a nation of fomorians as the one-eyed King of the High Tower until his death.

After his death, he rose from demonic energies to become a Balor Lord and has been a scourge on mortal kind until he was destroyed in 1377 NS by Nikki Floren.



Born as Fieriel Ignitious Vindicar, he was the youngest of the Fey'ri of Ys. His mother was Telal Xul, known then as Ceridwen, and his father was Frae of the City.

Sleeping Sun

see The Gwerin Plagues


Demon Prince

Raid on Yorik Academy

see The Archmages Saga: Evocation


Under the service of vastania-darkheart on the moon.


In life, Fieriel appeared as a handsome ruby skinned elf bearing horns and wings. He often wore a black suit of full plate armor.

He usually appears as a large sized demon of red skin with burning eyes and wings.

Mythology, Cults & Worshippers



In elven myth, Fieriel wielded a greathammer named Poenaddius, meaning "Painbringer".

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