Fermar Auth Largwyln
Fermar Auth Largwyln
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth c1352 PI
Tribe Nightriver
Other Names Serilfil (milkname)
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Largwyln (Father)
Loyalty ?

Fermar Auth Largwyln was an elf who was blessed with magic powers by the gods. Fermar was often impatient for an elf and was always eager to take action. He was lame in his leg.

He is the legendary author of the White Book of Fermar.


Serilfil is a mutation of Serenmil, meaning One Thousand Stars.


The Attack

When out in the woods one night with his father, 2 brothers and his sister, they were attacked by a mysterious creature known as Gochreuau Chan Nos, the Red Eyes of Night. It killed all but Fermar and left him wounded.

Adulthood Trial and the Slaying of the Beast

The Diawliaid Invasion

Ambassador to Aquaria


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