The Fellwood
The Fellwood
location in nora
Archduchy ?
Kingdom Vatharond
Ruling House ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Dwarven

The Fellwood (elven: Dewr Coedwig) is a forest in Rindland, Vatharond.

Before the alliance of Nora, the forest was the home of a primal water elemental named Me-Tahom. When Elknor the Black began his campaign against Tir'Ein, he wished the elves to be demoralized. The elf princess, Gwyn Tywysoges, was loved throughout the elven lands for her great beauty and Elknor sent his lieutenant, the vampire Death, to kidnap her. Death invaded Aelwyd and took her to Caer Teithio, killing all the inhabitants. However, he could not satiate his hunger for her beauty and made her into the vampire Dyne.

The act of destroying so great a beauty caused the castle and the surrounding forest to fall under a curse. Me-Tahom was swallowed by the forest and is now held in a pocket of dark earth. Twigblights and joystealers.




Later years



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