Felix Richter
Felix Richter
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1323 NS
Home Jaress, Ilefain
Alias(es) Master of Fate
Title(s) Mordenkainen
Physical Description
Race Dhampir
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Pale blue
Family Information
Family Members Emelie Richter (mother)
Occupation Wizard
Wizard Circle Council of Nine
Loyalty ?

"Oh yes, let's all make fun of my heritage."
—Felix Richter

Felix Richter is the current Mordenkainen of the Council of Nine. He is a dhampir, raised in Jaress. He is a worshiper of Tala Errin and has a strong belief in the power of luck. Master Richter was one of a group of newly indoctrinated members of the Council, along with Andreu es'Ornelos and Tempest, after the Battle of the Shadow Bridge in 1377. Master Richter is known for his mastery of the Deck of Many Things and his use of the artifact in his magic, which some have referred to as cartomancy. He uses the cards to implement and reverse fortunes to great effect. Some have come to call him the Master of Fate.

He has a strong distaste for undead.


Early life

Richter's mother, Emelie Richter, was a maidservant to a noble house up until the time of her death in 1344.


In 1344, Richter was brought to Jaress by his mentor with a letter of introduction for Headmaster Kyman Drovenge. He was twenty-one at this time. While studying there, he met Emma Hallows, the Necromancy Professor and the two grew close. They met often in the university library.

Return to the University

see The Archmages Saga: Universal

In 1374, Richter, together with his new allies Leoric Orthalis, Meredith, Sir Jorlan, Caw, Tik, and Cerise Mirrorscale, came across a plot of a wererat named Vernon the Vermin to secure a new branch of organized crime on the streets of Jaress. After stopping him with the help of some companions, he had an unexpected meeting with Dweller outside the wererat's lair. Dweller let him know about the unusual circumstances in the University. Richter spoke with the Mordenkainen and other wizards who were there investigating the event. The Mordenkainen gave them permission to enter and explore inside. Within the University, Richter found two faculty members and discovered the situation was more complicated than previously thought. After the discovery of a possessing demon, Richter searched for research on the creature, eventually finding one of the Black Scrolls. Richter was also able to gain control of a grey render zombie. Soon, they were able to make it down to the cellar, free Otiluke from possession, and secure the valuable artifacts inside the University vault.

While the vault was being inspected by the Mordenkainen, a strange young man in the appearance of a black mage came up to Felix and gave him the Deck of Many Things.

Search for Emma

For the next several years, Richter traveled all throughout Ilefain searching for Emma Hallows. The rumors that followed her made Richter troubled.

In 1376 Felix was in White City. He was disguised as a vagrant gambler and allowed Filip Constance of the Crimson Guard to draw three cards from the deck.

Facing Kemnon

see The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

Felix managed to follow Emma's trail to Alexandria in 1377. This was also after he received an invitation to take part in the consideration for the Return of the Council.

Battle of the Shadow bridge

see Battle of the Shadow Bridge

In 1378 NS, Master Richter took part in the Battle of the Shadow Bridge with his companions.

After the battle, he was offered the position of Mordenkainen by the members of the Council of Nine.


Richter's career as Mordenkainen has been off to a rocky start. Nora's politicians seem very reluctant to deal with him and he seems to be the target of a lot of negative rumors. Ke'Vadar, in looking for an answer to this, came to see a vision:

A many headed hydra, the color of the darkening skies, hissing. The Mordenkainen cuts off one of the heads. The head grows back and swallows him whole.

Drunken Druid

In 1380, Felix was at the Drunken Druid with Cade Summersong when they met some mysterious travelers.

Powers and Abilities

Dhampiric nature

Due to his dhampiric heritage, Richter cannot be healed by positive energy, but rather negative energy affects him as it would a normal undead.

Fate Reading and Shaping

Richter specializes in using cards to read and even change people's destiny.


Felix Richter's former arcane focus was his prized luckblade longsword.

Personality and Appearance

Felix prefers fancy and elaborate apparel.

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