Felis Family

Felis is the surname of a natural lycanthropic family of were-tigers. They bear only daughters and have passionate loves that always end with tragedy. The members of the Felis family have bright red hair and athletic builds.

Prestone Manor, the home adopted by the Felis family, is located just outside White City in Erwynn, Ilefain.


The Felis family descend from Tilabeth, who was the lover of Rayne Brenin. Her daughters carried her curse and left with the wizard Chu Hsi and lived in Rayne's former home, Prestone Manor.

Death of Chu Hsi

1373 was the year Master Chu Hsi passed away.


Family Members

  • Juliet, mistress of the family.
    • Sloane, twin sister to Lucy
      • Briana
    • Lucy, twin sister to Sloane
  • Glenna
    • Gael
    • Unah, the black sheep.

Family Tree

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