Fall of the Painted Elves

Fall of the Painted Elves is a minor saga that takes place in the Sabian Desert in the summer of 1376.

The Scorpion and the Ant

Trael, a Darendal priest anointed a warrior setting out for the Bhas'suil. When the warrior left the village, Trael saw a march of large sabian ants. Marching with the ants was a baby scorpion which bears a striking resemblance to the ants and will hide among them and eat them as it grows to maturity. Trael was convinced it was a sign from the spirits.

Ingric Wulfbeorn, a kona monk, was wandering through the desert when he encountered the anointed warrior fighting two giant scorpions. The monk distracted one of the pair and allowed the warrior to claim his kill, though he was still under the madness brought on by the Bhas'suil salve. The warrior severed one of the scorpions' tails and wanders back to the village as Ingric followed.

Trael saw the warrior returning with the monk and called the village guards. Ingric told them he had traveled from Vatharond by foot because of a vision of a great evil swallowing the desert and a great black face. The elves decide to allow the half-orc to enter the village and visit Black Face Rock.

Trael and Ingric left to journey to the rock and met a local silversmith on the way, though he was acting strangely and had cuts on his face. Trael offered to help, but was shunned by the silversmith. They visited Black Face Rock in the hills and found nothing strange, but Ingric saw a large sinkhole nearby. They investigated and found the bodies of the silversmith's two sons, crushed by falling rocks and as well as a small idol, similar to the spirit idols of the Darendal priests, but much more sinister.

They raced back to the village to find it in chaos. The bodies of dead elves lie scattered and sacred shrines toppled over. They found the silversmith, who has grown darker in his appearance and quickly subdued him. They buried him up to his neck in the sand and questioned him. But before he gave any answers, he opened his mouth impossibly wide and vomited up a giant cobra!

A Village with Teeth

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