The Evermire
The Evermire.

The Evermire is a vast subtropical swamp stretching out for miles and miles. Two large rivers empty into the swamps and the central Notama Lake. The Everglades are shaped by water and fire, experiencing frequent flooding in the wet season and drought in the dry season. Subject to hurricanes.

Halflings migrated to this area from Nicoboa and formed two warring tribes. In the halfling language the land is called Bimini.


Shi'imti Frontier

Rise of the Dragonborn States

Geography and Climate

Much of the region is low-lying and fairly level. Much of peninsula, typically 25 miles or more away from the coastline, features rolling hills with elevations ranging from 100 to 250 feet.

Desavant Hills

Lake Notama

The Mires

Cacoanki Forest

Where an insane dragonborn king was imprisoned.

Fauna and Flora

Home to large populations of migrating birds, with more than 400 species of bird found here including Shoebills, Great White Pelicans, and Black Crowned Cranes. The swamp is also a haven for migrating animals, especially antelopes. Meanwhile the shallow water is frequented by crocodiles and chuuls. In more upland areas are home to packs of leucrotta. Also home to giant vermin such as mosquitos and slugs.

Marine Mammals: Bottlenose Dolphin, Short-finned Pilot Whale, Right Whale, Manatee
Reptiles: Alligator and Crocodile, Rattlesnakes, Gopher Tortoise, Green and Leatherback Sea Turtles
Mammals: Lion, River Otter, Mink, Cottontail Rabbit, Marsh Rabbit, Raccoon, Striped Skunk, Squirrel, White-tailed deer, Bobcats, Gray Fox, Coyote, Wild Boar, Black Bear, Nine-banded Armadillos
Birds: Bald Eagle, Snail Kite, Osprey, White and Brown Pelicans, Sea Gulls, Whooping and Sandhill Cranes, Roseate Spoonbill, Scrub Jay, and Wild Turkey.

Occasional Mindflayer
Shocker lizards
Tribes of Ahuizotl

Home to an elder black dragon.

Major Settlements

Blacktown (Small city)

Capital and largest city. Home of the local Viscount Clément. Mysterious Snowfall during winter. Theater. Church. Branch of White Mages. Airship moor.

Baguama (Large Town)

see Baguama

Port. Home to a popular fortress-bank. Frequent storms. Halfling Bard tradition is very strong. Lots of brothels. Pirate culture. Bardic College. Moon gazing and veneration. Church of Yunis and Helos.

Barbacoa (Small Town)

Smoking culture. Dragonborn population. Giant Turtles. Study of the Evermire's plant-life is done here. A yearly Pirate gathering. City's defenses held by knightly order.

Georgetown (Small Town)


Reeves (Small Town)

A grand Inn. Unique white trees. Nearby lake. Grand and fantastic castle. Library.



Halfling, Dragonborn and Humans all life together.


Due to the influence of halfling bardic culture, a special blend of Noran and Nicoboan music is played.


Due to its distance from Alexandria and its difficult terrain, the Evermires are a haven for pirates. Anti-pirate law is strict here, though and many outlaws find that being caught has much heftier consequences than in Allure to the north. Pirate Hunters are popular in the waters as well, and some say the hunters are worse then the hunted.


The Two Hands

A portal to the moon.

Odexes Tower

An ancient library of much knowledge.


This city of red crystal is rife with psionic power even after several thousand years of existence. Tales tell of humanoid constructs of gemcraft wandering the city, slaying all who enter.

Babanki Ruins

Swampy ruins where a tribe of halflings entered and never returned. An ancient evi lives here. The ruins were most likely built by Naga.

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