events of the Council of Nine Saga

“The Council of Nine” The Council disbands due to internal bickering and, as it turn out, Mordenkainen’s
machinations to further train Ke’Vadar. Ke’Vadar reunites the council, reseals the Tarrasque and takes his place as
the new Master of Divination.


  • Chu Hsi contacts Ke’Vadar and tell him about John Hammondy.
  • Ke’Vadar and Azzel raid Hammondy. He dies, but Azzel’s powers do not return.
  • Azzel finds Hammondy on a nightmare, Hammondy almost falls to his death, but is saved by his daughter and her ring of wishes. He is captured and brought to Chu Hsi for justice. Mary, his daughter, is adopted by the Prestone Manor. Azzel regains his abilities.
  • In Alexandria, Otiluke agrees to come back.
  • Leonard “Greyboots”, the prize fighter, joins Ke’Vadar in his quest.
  • Ke’Vadar visits Story Ancient, Tenser’s tower. They agree to spend the night.
  • Story Ancient reveals her treachery and attacks. Ke’Vadar gains control of the tower and returns it to Tenser.
  • Into Paradise.
  • Ke’Vadar dominates a Quench duke and retrieves the Black Stone. He returns it to the heavens. Kylie agrees to join the council.
  • Into Nerin
  • Find Rojio’s Castle of Illusion. Rojio agrees to join the council.
  • Arrive in balbaroy’s place. First day of the ToH. Everyone dies.


  • Leena meets with Ke’Vadar in the ToH. They defeat the dungeons without trace of Balbaroy.
  • The Witches attack.
  • Ke’Vadar goes to the Pyramid and visits the Inner Circle.
  • Ke’Vadar helps Timothy defeat his enslaved town. Timothy joins the group.
  • Balbaroy is tracked down and he agrees to join the council.


  • Ke’Vadar finds Asamed’s city and defeats the ulitharid. Asamed agrees to join the council.
  • The group helps a town of dwarves.
  • Arrive at Til’Asperna.
  • Arrive in Sheoloth.
  • Ke’Vadar builds a land bridge for the drow. Djanzi agrees to join the council.
  • Two hands are found on the Yorik church of Light.
  • The group travels to Blackrune Keep. Through the portal into the abyss and free Azzel and Leonard.
  • Went to Rotwing in Calori and sold him the adamantine.
  • Found Master Lore.
  • Travel to Din to help Lore defeat his nemesis.


  • Arrived at the Crimson Tower and do battle with the Tarrasque.
  • Found the Black Shell in the Southern Sands. Fight the Prismatic Wilting.
  • Chu Hsi passes away on the peaks of the Dragonspires.
  • Ke’Vadar is invited to be the new Master of Divination.


  • Ke’Vadar’s first Council of Nine Meeting.
  • Ke’Vadar begins cleric training with Diana Dawnfalcon.


  • 23 - Construction on Mooncrystal Castle begins.
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