Events of Rise of the Runelords

This is the roll of events that occur in the Rise of the Runelords.

891 NS

1215 NS

1228 NS

1246 NS

1285 NS

1308 NS

  • Silas and Karivek Vekker begin their travels.

1313 NS

1315 NS

1327 NS

1330 NS

  • Skrýmir begins to learn wizardry from ancient Shi'imti stone inscriptions.

1335 NS

  • Skrýmir learns wizardry and successfully poses as a sorcerer for the next several decades.

1338 NS

  • Silas and Karivek Vekker discover al-Kinxolal.

1339 NS

  • Silas and Karivek Vekker meet gruesome ends.

1347 NS

  • Longtooth is hatched.

1354 NS

1355 NS

1358 NS

1360 NS

1362 NS

1364 NS

  • Aldern's father, Traver Foxglove attempts to murder his family and burn down the manor, but commits suicide before he can.
  • Foxglove Manor is abandoned and becomes known as the Misgivings.

1365 NS

  • Nu Quan discovers the existence of her brother, Fu Shang. She visits him often.

1366 NS

  • Skrýmir learns of al-Kinxolal.

1371 NS

  • Nu Quan and Fu Shang get into a big fight and Fu Shang strikes her. Nu leaves town to adventure, not to return until the death of her mother in 1376.

1372 NS

1373 NS

1375 NS

1376 NS

  • Veil is weakened by the Flutes and Neqoza can reach through.
  • Skrýmir arrives in al-Kinxolal and opens Neqoza's tomb and awakens Neqoza.
  • Vivian Vixpagne is seduced by Yocuitlatl and destroys her home in kilbride.
  • A Runewell of Wrath activates under Yorik.
  • The Scribbler awakens.
  • Lodewyk Quan secretly murders him wife, Agatha Quan.
  • Fu Shang accuses Lodewyk of murdering Agatha, causing Lodewyk to beat Fu Shang very badly. Lodewyk is not prosecuted for the assault and declares it self defense. Fu Shang leave the town in anger.
  • Neqoza forms alliances with Lamiakin and sends them into Nora including Fairport, Luendig, Castle Parch, Deva Arch, Jaress, and Passague. Xanesha, Lucrecia and Ceoptra are three such allies.
  • Nu Quan returns to Yorik for Agatha's funeral.

1377 NS

  • Lucrecia arrives in Passague; establishes the Paradise.
  • Skrýmir battles and then allies with Longtooth the juvenile Red Dragon.


  • Xanesha arrives in Jaress.


  • Ironbriar begins to change the Seven Brothers Society into the Skinsaw Men.
  • Ironbriar gives Nualia a sihedron medallion to guide her way.


  • Aldern Foxglove attempts to restore the Misgivings.

1378 NS

  • Nualia learns from Erylium.
  • Nualia moves into Thistltop.



  • Xev arrives at Yorik

Urmnis (Burnt Offerings)

  • Nualia is killed at Thistletop.

Erthal (The Skinsaw Murders)

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