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Lady Esclarmonde of Colgar was a priestess in service to King Saerus d'Garron and was a prominent figure during the Four Brothers Era. She had prophetic powers and was a potent spellcaster. She believed that a divine avatar would be born in House d'Garron and advised the line in order to best combat the forces of war and violence.

The lady formed a cult around her while preaching peace in a time of great war. Though she worked with the Erwynn royalty and was interested in peace, she was always at conflict with Rufus of the Temple, who considered her a heretic.

There are tales that said she can take the form of a white bird.

Esclarmonde was a beautiful woman with a heart-shaped face and blue eyes. She always dressed in white. Great cold emanated from her body. She was full-figured with dark hair. She kept guards about her to send the message of power, but did not believe that she needed them.

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