location in nora
Capital Lindblum
Largest City Lindblum
Archduchy Leuvéne
Kingdom Ilefain
Ruling House House of Valligan
Demonym Erwish
Formation ?
Area 35,000 sq. miles
Population 4.4 million
Common Languages Common

Erwynn is a region that is part of Ilefain. Before joining Ilefain, the Kingdom of Erwynn was one of the major kingdoms during the Four Brothers Era.

The capital Lindblum is Erwynn's largest city. The land is famous for its wild and picturesque landscapes.

Erwynn is known for its graceful rural areas, its kind and cosmopolitan cities and the ruins that scatter across the landscape. Erwynn has a long history and each new age leaves its own layers of dungeons behind holding hidden treasures.


Shi'imti Rule

Vampire Kingdoms

Between the two great empires, were the vampire kingdoms. They enslaved living races and the country side lived in constant fear.

Kingdom of Erwynn

Four Brothers Era.

Dark Empire Rule

Elknor the Wretched rose from the Kingdom of Erwynn and lead its armies to conquer many other kingdoms.

Deathsong Plague

The Deathsong Plague hit Erwynn especially hard. A large number of deaths from the plague came from the duchy.

Geography and Climate

Fields of Erwynn

Ábregdan Forest

Ceebell River

Savage Coast

see Savage Coast

Tall Hills

see Tall Hills

Temian Hills

Administrative Areas

Fauna and Flora

Gnolls (hq)
harpies (very south)
Ogres in the Tall Hills
Naga on the coasts
Spider creatures in the Tall Hills and the forest south of 'em)
Bullette in the eastern half
Mironels in the east
Krenshar in the forests
Locathah in the southern shores
Merrow in the south
Owlbears in the southern forest
Trick Sparrows

Major Settlements

Aecyeld (Large Town)

see Aecyeld

Shepherds and tailors. Rumored to be the home of the Shepherd Saint. Gymnasium. Paladins.

Cealesele (Large Town)

see Cealesele

Founded by a very rich warlord. Site of a nation-shaking battle. Famous for its local beer.

Coalbridge (Large Town)

see Coalbridge

Bridge town. Coal mining, also steel and iron. Smith town. Home to a large following of Church of Light separatists, strongly favoring Cynehelm over Solea Splendis for succession.

Colgar (Small City)

see Colgar

Old city. Both Aquarian and Shi'imti roots.

Corsfordell (Small City)

see Corsfordell

Once held by Coranthe. Aquarian roots. Known for Opera and was home to a famous opera writer. Phoelarch population. City seal - bull and bear.

Dali (Village)

see Dali

Eren (Large Town)

see Eren

Haunted Castle. Gardens. A knightly city.

Gamen (Large City)

see Gamen

A reputation for beautiful women. Home to a famous cathedral. Known as much for religious zealots as religious rebellions.

Greydell (Large Town)

see Greydell

Gyrecrop (Small City)

see Gyrecrop

Lindblum's supplier city.

Lindblum (Metropolis)

see Lindblum

Lytstream (Small City)

see Lytstream

Numor Gap (Small Town)

see Numor Gap

Rest (Large City)

see Rest

Sincari (Village)

see Sincari

Next to a lake. Very old city. Shi'imti roots.

Temple (Metropolis)

see Temple

White City (Large City)

see White City

Young Springs (Small City)

see Young Springs




Gnomish town.

Geberg's Wall

Ancient dwarf craft wall at the western border.

Highwind Shrine

Howling Ruins


Kuo toa ruins

Terror Dungeons

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