Erinyes are comely devils who serve as the executioners of Carcereth. Erinyes alight upon the bladed eaves of Carcereth, ever attentive for chances to soar into battle, whether in defense of the Realm of Chains, on the whims of diabolical masters, or at the impassioned summons of jilted mortal summoners. All erinyes weave deadly living ropes from their own hair, which they use in battle to lift their foes into the air, mocking and condemning their victims for their transgressions before dropping them from great heights.

Erinyes appear as darkly beautiful angels, augmenting their sensuality with deliberate bruises and scars. Their beauty mocks the form of the angelic hosts in their exaction of vengeance and bloody justice. Prized for their beauty even in the Pits of Carcereth, erinyes sometimes serve as servants, and even concubines for powerful devils. Unlike other devils, erinyes appear attractive to humans, resembling very comely women or men. They’re not above taking advantage of being mistaken for the celestials that they resemble.

Often, an erinyes will stay her hand before attempting to slay a foe simply so she can draw out the victim's suffering. Death is usually the only way to escape an erinyes's not-so-tender attentions, and the most powerful of these devils excel at keeping their enemies alive but helpless so as to extend their torment—many going as far as to keep their victims alive with magic. Rumors hold that the most powerful erinyes torturers have skills that allow their torment to continue even after their subject has died from their attentions.

Most erinyes stand just under 6 feet tall and weigh approximately 140 pounds, even with their black-feathered wings that stretch over 10 feet wide.

Embittered against the divine, erinyes revel in destroying holy icons. Those who offer the devil a significant divine item or figure to despoil, either a piece of religious artwork or even a living cleric of the Church of Light, gain a greater chance to gain their favor when summoning them.

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