Biographical Information
Location of Birth -
Date of Birth 335 PI
Date of Transformation 303 PI
Date of Defeat
112 PI
Home ?
Alias(es) Lich King
Title(s) King of Vatharond
Physical Description
Race Human (lich)
Gender Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
House / Clan ?
Family Members ?
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Erbärm was a powerful lich, unifier and first king of Vatharond, student of the great wizard Vancil and perhaps the greatest necromancer who ever lived. He conquered many tribal territories and united the dragontribes of Vatharond into a single state.

Erbärm was vain and spread his likeness in the forms of statues and portraits. He formed a personality cult around him, all Vathroni were required to worship him as a god.


Mortal life


Achieving lichdom

Slaughter of the Jarls

Massacre of Ossia

Conquests of Terminia and Nzamber

War with Lyantium

War with Midgard

Elven raids

War with Elknor and defeat

Elknor sealed the lich away in the Tower of Torment.



An organization of undead secret police who obey and worship Erbärm. The Brüderlichkeit were in charge of the suppression of internal enemies of the king. Guided by Erbärm, they laid waste to civilian populations. They dressed in black garb, similar to a monastic habit, and bore the insignia of a severed dog's head (to sniff out treason and the enemies of the king) and a broom (to sweep them away). The dog's head was also symbolic of "nipping at the heels of the king's enemies". They were sometimes called the "King's Dogs" on account of their loyalty to him. They also rode black horses in order to inspire greater terror. The Brüderlichkeit were given orders to execute anyone who was disloyal to Erbärm.

The Lichbooks

Gospels of Erbärm's cult, filled with psalms, spells and blasphemies.

Powers and Abilities


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