Epsilon the Mad was the architect famous for designing and building Castle Alexandria, as well as its mirror, Epsilon's Castle. It is commonly believed that the building of Castle Alexandria caused him to go mad, but it is not certain.

Epsilon also created many buildings of wondrous variety in Alexandria and other notable cities.

Table of Contents



  • Castle Alexandria
  • Crimson Towers
  • Epsilon's Castle
  • took the old ruins of Depenché and created a massive secure prison
  • university
  • asylum
  • school
  • cathedral
  • school
  • school
  • memorial
  • library
  • inn
  • gallery
  • chapel
  • inn
  • gatehouse to cemetery (lychgate)
  • town hall
  • school
  • several homes and mansions
  • several churches
  • a now ruined tower
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