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Eolas-ráth is the first gnome city located in the Twilithe. It was destroyed by fomorians.

Now most gnomes have relocated to the ruins of Eolas-ráth to rebuild.


The Forgotten Gnome Wars

Early in the history of the realms, gnome warriors defended against nethermancers lead by the undead creature Specter Scion. The gnomes prevailed, but records of how they defeated this enemy were lost with time. This period is now known as the Forgotten Gnome Wars.

Eolas-ráth's Destruction

Eolas-ráth has remained neutral in the many conflicts of the Twilithe and adnas. They had minimal contact with Dragonfly Island, but grew concerned when they heard about the emergence of the spriggans. Eolas-ráth's primary ruler, Rince-Na, sent a team of bounty hunters to capture the spriggans and deliver them to Eolas-ráth. The plan failed and the hunter team leader, Anv-Verb, became infused with magical energy in the manner of the original spriggan. Instead of embracing the responsibility of the other spriggans, he turned to evil. Eolas-ráth's council deemed him too dangerous and attempted to defeat him, but his dark spriggan powers were too powerful and he left the city with vengeance in his heart. Anv-Verb gave Eolas-ráth's secret location to the fomorians, who proceeded to obliterate the ancient city. Rince-Na's journal was found later at the site.

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