Enni Fairhand
Enni Fairhand
Biographical Information
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Physical Description
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
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Enni'toel'ou'tegoneg'elid also known as Enni Fairhand is a gnome cleric of Yunis and Helos. He has a serious demeanor.

Enni is a traveling researcher on savage humanoids. He is hoping to literally write the book about them. His first major excursion was to make contact with the Deadcrow Clan of orcs, during which he was captured.

He smokes.


Early life

Sunless Citadel

Appearance and personality

He speaks in large words and has an impressive vocabulary in many languages. Enni is passionate about self-improvement and feels that knowledge is the greatest path to that end. However, his is easily distracted and has an insatiable curiosity which leads him into trouble.

His goal is to author a series of natural philosophy books. He carried extensive notes with him on his journeys.

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