Elknor the Wretched
Elknor the Wretched
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Elknor the Wretched, also known as Elknor the Black, was a conqueror in the Age of Kings and emperor of the Dark Empire. His past is shrouded in mystery, but it is known that his campaigns started in Erwynn. With his Death Legions, he conquered the areas now known as Ilefain and Canstice. He ruled the lands with an tyranny unknown at the time.

He was summarily defeated by alexander and the League of Free Peoples.

Possible Origins

Early career

The Death of a Countryman

Siege of Timpton

Appointment as General

The 13 Rebellion

Ruler of Ilefain


Canstian campaigns

Day of Fire

Dark Empire

First Twilight War

Vatharond alliances

Second Twilight War

Rearmament and new alliances

Third Twilight War

War Against the Darkness

The Iron Hand

Invasion of Tir'Ein

Battle Against the Black City

Duel with Alexander and death

Elknor died due to the efforts of Alexander and Aramil Brenin. Henceforth known as the Slayer Kings.

Family and children


  • Hatred of undead.
  • Hatred of divine magic and abolishing the worship of anything that can bestow it.
  • Allowed devil worship, but scholars debate if he was a diabolist or not.






Half-Orc rights

House of Blackhorn


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