Elidyr elves

The Elidyrs are a minority elven people who inhabit the region of Elduria.

For centuries, the Elidyr ethnicity has acculturated with the majority Cwdry ethnicity of Tir'Ein. Most Elidyr today speak Standard Elven, while the Elidyr language is only spoken by elderly people in remote northwestern Tir'Ein and a few scholars. The number of elves today with some Elidyr ancestry is quite large—with 100 thousand members (in Tir'Ein), Elidyr is the 3rd largest ethnic group in Tir'Ein after the Cwdry and the Cicryf. The adoption of favorable policies towards ethnic minorities has encouraged some people with mixed Cwdry and Elidyr ancestry to re-identify themselves as Elidyr.

During their rise in the 3rd century PI, with the help of the Eight Banner Army lead by Enwa Twn Gem, they came to power in Tir'Ein.

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Elidyr are notable for their open sexuality - even when compared to other elves. They often take on multiple spouses and often keep lovers on the side openly and without taboo. Sex is often performed in public and it is common for mothers to become lovers to their sons.

The elidyr society is matriarchal but also features strong male figures in its history.

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