Elf Blood

The term Elf Blooded refers to those who have a measurable arcane connection to the Twilithe, homerealm of the fey. The elves of Tir'Ein use the term hanghenfil to describe anyone with this heritage. Likewise the eladrin call the property céadfuil.

Who has Elf Blood?

Those with elf blood are usually elves, eladrin, drow and half-elves of any descent.

More rarely are those born from other races with a blooded connection to the Twilithe. These folk, usually sorcerers or warlocks, who try to assert their blooded status will usually be viewed upon with suspicion and disgust rather than be given the chance to prove themselves.

What does it mean?


The hanghenfil are the only ones allowed to enter the city of Aelwyd. Great care is taken to root out imposters.

Péarla Foirfe

According to ancient eladrin law, those who have céadfuil are considered part of Péarla Foirfe unless otherwise banished. Though in truth, this law bears little relevance in current eladrin culture.

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