The Élevégers were a Fainish people who lived in Canstice during the Dark Empire and ruled as kings during the Age of Knowledge from 1 to 672 NS.

The Élevégers were migrated from Ilefain to Canstice due to the strife cause by the Twilight Wars. They sought new lands to live in relative peace. They fought the Goblin Kingdoms they found there and the Élevéger king Merroi defeated the Bugbear King. His successor Mielroi eventually destroyed the goblins at the Battle of Gobelingate in 67 PI.

They established a Élevéger Kingdom, later named Regnum Cansticum ("Kingdom of Canstice"). After the defeat of Elknor the Wretched, the Kingdom became a member of the Allied Kingdoms of Nora. However, as the Élevéger nobles continued to rule the growing Kingdom well into the 7th century, the commonfolk, made of Sofians, began to resent the rule of "foreigners". The nobility grew greatly unpopular with the commonfolk until 671, when it was revealed that Rakshasas were controlling the throne from the shadows. The High Crown placed Canstian noble family House il'Fiammone on the throne to much rejoicing.


d'Aveneau Monarchy

see House d'Aveneau

The first King of Canstice in the Age of Knowledge was Beuroi of Flute. He was succeeded by his son, King Aurel d'Aveneau.

d'Veyron Dynasty

see House d'Veyron

d'Allaro Dynasty

see House d'Allaro

Patrician Kings


High Court and low court

High court was made from Fainish houses, while local Canstian houses were found in the low court.

High Court houses:

Low Court houses:

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