Last Court of Elegast

The Last Court of Elegast was an assemblage of politically powerful eladrin of An Tuath lead by King Elegast in the year 1368 NS. This court is notable for coming under an attack by a group of humans, which lead to many of the court member's murders.

This was the last royal court to be held under the kingship of Elegast before Ionad Tur was declared the capital of An Tuath and Elegast's disappearance.

Members of the Court

King Elegast and His Personal Entourage

King Elegast

see elegast

The King of An Tuath, Creiche Ri, known more as King Elegast is a handsome eladrin save for a horrid deformation of the ride side of his face and body. He has studied the ways of the Tine family and is a master of the Elf-Fire.

He wishes for the well being of his kingdom and his people, even if he has to make tough decisions. He is calm and polite in normal conversation, but when aroused to violence, he becomes arrogant and wrathful.

The White Lotus Guard

see White Lotus Guard

Only those eladrin who have proved themselves beyond reproach are chosen to be in the Tursarraing Mhóna. These four guardians have been by the side of Elegast since his inception as king and he trusts them with his life.

The current members of the White Lotus Guard are:

Keeper of the Elf-Fire

see Keeper of the Elf-Fire

Mhanannáin is the head of all arcanists in An Tuath, a position called the Tinedraíochta Coimeádaí Dar or the Keeper of the Elf-Fire. He is a lean eladrin with white swept back hair and dressed in robes with bits of mithral armor.

A skilled wizard, Mhanannáin specializes in fire spells as his title befits. He is also a well educated scholar and councils King Elegast on several matters. Mhanannáin has achieved a very high position, but waits for a chance to transfer into the service of the Autumn Kingdoms.

Page of Honor

Naluis Airgid Rabhán is a young eladrin who has finished the rigors of the Gate and is now beginning her foray into the Whip. Her master is none other than King Elegast, who has taken the girl under his wing to train her as a future politician.

Naluis is young and short, primped and properly groomed for her station. She is inexperienced, but eager and appreciative of her king.

The Royal Minstrels

King Elegast has hired four minstrels who impressed him during his stay in the eladrin camps. These minstrels were chosen to perform at the rededication of Elegast as king of An Tuath.

The four minstrels are:

Royal Historian

Gliográn Grianchloch Sailchuach is an aged scholar, although one could not tell just by looking at him. He still retains the beauty of his youth as well as the wisdom of his years.

He was chosen by King Elegast to witness and chronicle his rededication.

Royal Poet

A lucky eladrin if ever there was one. Mismín Grianchloch Lochal was born to a poor family and scraped his way through a life of hardship. Though this might have been what inspired him to create grandiose works of epic poetry that would have gone unheralded if not for a chance encounter with Mhanannáin, the Keeper.

After showing Mismín’s poetry to Elegast, the king hired him to be his royal poet and playwright.

Clan Croi

see Clan Croi

Clanfather Nóinín

Nóinín Croi Fiagaí, Lord of Oíche Fiáin, is the head of the clan of Croi. His family as well as himself are known to be fierce protectors of the forests in Oíche Fiáin which they consider sacred ground due to the clan's utmost devotion to Dhanni.

One of the most skilled archers of Síobadh Túr and also a superb swordsmen Nóinín is one of the most famed warriors of the kingdom.

Being nearly four hundred years old he is the second oldest member of the court, holding significant say.

Lady Grúnlas

Grúnlas Croi Fiagaí is the devoted wife to Clanfather Nóinín as well as his greatest pupil. She is a no nonsense lady with preference to function over form.

Sons of Clan Croi

The two representatives of Clan Croi are literally the sons of the Clanfather, Creagach and Cré.

Clan Croi Page

A young eladrin, nearing the end of his Whip, Gathánlín Croi Gafann is a promising archer and animal tender.

Clan Grianchloch

see Clan Grianchloch

Clanfather Lusna Gloine

Lusna Gloine is the Elder of the Grianchloch Clan. Aged around three hundred years the white haired noble is known for his superior skills with the courtblade as well as his devotion to fey-spirit Falon Tabanst, the Ravaging Wolf. As the first master amongst the Greenflame Academy he also holds significant say in the military on top of his seat in court.

Lady Draighean

The Lady Draighean, known to her closest companions as Mara, is a kind and even tempered eladrin lady. She is respectful and dutiful, always putting other ahead of herself.

She is devoted to her husband and his passion of teaching young warriors. Many have said that she is the purest of all eladrin in An Tuath, but she should not be underestimated in battle.

Sons of Clan Grianchloch

The two clan member chosen to follow Clanfather Lusna Gloine to the throne room are the son of his cousin, Garraí Grianchloch Creamh, and his most promising Pupil, Lom Grianchloch Mongán.

Clan Grianchloch Page

Young Bhán Griancloch Lochal was chosen by the Clanfather purely based on the circumstances surrounding his birth; he was born on a day where the green elf-fire burned white. Mystery surrounds this boy.

Clan Ríléir

see Clan Rileir

Clanfather Fáil

Clanfather Fáil is the head of Clan Ríléir and the eldest amongst the council members. His over five hundred years of life he has spent mostly following the path of the rogue thus being one of the most renowned sneaks of Siobadh Tur. He also has proven himself an able though very conservative politician in his many years on the council.

Lady Cuaichín

Clan Tine

see Clan Tine

Clanmother Lao

Lao Tine Srubh is the head of Clan Tine and is the liaison between the Cult of the Elfcrones and the kingdom. Clanmother Lao is to become an elfcrone herself in a short number of years and she eagerly awaits her ascension.

Lao is aged, powerful and shrewd. She is the only member of the council to never have traveled the path of the warrior, nevertheless she is renowned a brilliant strategist and a respected voice of the council.

Lord Óir

Clanmother Lao’s bodyguard and consort.

The Lorekeeper and the Elves of Mabhsaol

The Lorekeeper

see The Lorekeeper

High Priest

Gruoch Fiach Dubh Bua and the Golden Elves

Gruoch Fiach Dubh Bua


Rescue of Princess Ionuin

see A River Without Water Saga

The Time of Falling Leaves

see Time of Falling Leaves

Kraemer brings down the city wards

see Separation

The Skirmish



Ionad Tur becomes the new capital

Invasion of the trolls

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