Elder the Second
Elder the Second
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Greatstaff Island
Date of Birth 443 NS
Home Yn Cysgu Grove
Aliases The Sun King
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Leafy green
Eye Color Solid lime-green
Family Information
Family Members Elder the First
Eryr (first son)
Caru (second son)
Ghost Panther
(third son)
Occupation Archdruid
Loyalty The Old Path

Ieuangach Heula Blaenor is the archdruid of the Old Path. He is known widely as Elder the Second, though he rejects this name, blaming its creation as coming from "ignorant humans".

He has lived for over 900 years and may be the oldest living humanoid. He has taken on many features of the natural world, through what others describe as "geomancy".

His father was Blaenor Quilach Bydew, also known as Elder the First. Ieuangach is fond of recalling stories of his father (who was also legendarily long lived) telling of the time of elves before human influence.

His three sons are Eryr the Sky Hunter, Caru the Horned Champion and the youngest, Ghost Panther. He is rumored to have a fourth son, but he denies this.




  • Hair as a short tangle of vines
  • Eyebrows become green and bushy
  • Sprout Leaves and become photosynthetic
  • Blood as tree sap
  • Thorns grow on the body
  • Eyes become as an owl's
  • Bear's grab
  • Nose as sensitive as a hound's
  • Canine teeth exude poison
  • Skin as bark

Powers and Abilities



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