Elans are a genetically crafted race given a form of free will and employed for the service of the Pyramid. They are constructed to live as psionically awakened superior lifeforms and are capable of sustaining themselves with nothing but the power of their minds. However, they cannot breed and are reliant on their artificial creation ritual to increase their numbers. This would pose a problem for the continuation of the race, except elans do not die of old age.

The secrets of the creation ritual are limited to the Inner Chamber of the Pyramid, and they take these secrets to the grave before sharing them with lesser beings.



Elans were first designed by a collaboration between the original Inner Chamber and a hive of mind flayers. The elan was to be a vessel for a single illithid consciousness to allow it to travel on the surface without suspicion, knowledge of custom nor surface biology. They would look human, but have the inner anatomy of a mind flayer.

Once the Pyramid began the creation of these vessels, they found a capability for a will of their own and a powerful psionic ability. The Pyramid took back their promise and kept the new race for themselves. Now Mind Flayers are always on the hunt for elans, to use them as 'spare parts'.


Elans are literally brimming with psionic energy. Their eyes seem to shine, their skin seems to sparkle, and their hair seems to be made of strands of color in the wind. Elans typically resemble humans in size and weight, with males typically slightly taller and heavier than females.

Elans created under a particular chamber will tend to have similar physical appearance, with the previous chamber favoring pale skin, red hair, and young in appearance, while the current has started to favor darker hair and tanned skin. Elans adopt the type of dress and physical style of whatever society they are insinuating, the better to avoid detection.

Unique Attributes

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