el Abrigar
el Abrigar
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Aliases City of Love
Size ?
Location Salvatore, Ilefain
Ruler ?
Population 7,000
Exports ?

el Abrigar, the City of Love. lead by House Madrigal

a grand castle; south - eastern city - built on shi'imti ruins; Tower of Water; important bridge; old shi'imti walls; church tower;

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Los Abrigar
Aliases ?
Size Small City
Location Salvatore, Ilefain
Ruler Duke Enrique es'Eville V
Population 7,000
Exports ?

Los Abrigar is located on the banks of the Chava River and its tributaries, near the center of the north eastern region, in a valley with a variety of landscapes, ranging from desert to thick forest, meadows and mountains. The city is famous for its folklore and local fey activity like pixies.

  • a grand castle;
  • north-eastern city built on shi'imti ruins
  • Tower of Water
  • important bridge
  • old shi'imti walls
  • church tower
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