Eisenreich Period

The Eisenreich Period is a period of Untergrund history that marks the governance by Klann Eisen, beginning with the reign of Steinkaiser Eisen.


Eisen rule

Rise of the priest class

Ogre invasions

Civil war



Prominence of religion

Fear of magic


While the clan and family was for life, guilds (zunft) were for work. The most prominent guild was the Mining Guild. Also the bakers guild, smiths guild, gemcutters guild, hunters guild, etc. Guilds were empire wide.

Role of women

On the surface, women were held equally. They had the right to work and to speak freely. What they didn't have was the right to choose. Because of the low population of female dwarves, women were married when they became adults to the most qualified male who was usually much older. If her husband died, she would be married to another immediately after a period of mourning. The husband was chosen by the family. A female could request a separation if the marriage was troubled, but only death could end marriage.


The War to the Death is the dwarves' crusade against Übil, those races deemed as evil; kobolds, goblins, giants, ogres, etc. The dwarves have declared one group cannot exist while the other does.

Social Class System

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