Einish peerage
Heraldry of Einish nobility

Einish peerage is the noble ranks of Tir'Ein. Einish peerage is different from other kingdoms. All current titled nobility was given noble status from Alexander himself. There are only three different ranks of nobility: archdukes, dukes and untitled. Governers, administrative equivilants to counts, are appointed by dukes based on nomination from Einish commoners. Over smaller areas, elected mayors watch over cities and their environs. The lands inside the Einish forests are under tribal law and opperate outside this system. This includes the city of Aelwyd.

Also notable is that Tir'Ein is the kingdom with the least seperation between noble and commoner. In fact, most Einish don't much care about any difference. It is mostly when the houses interact with the other kingdoms that the matter comes into play.

Einish houses named not by last names, but by a foundng ancestor. Sometimes they adopt it as a last name for the convienience of humans.

Houses descended from honored warriors during the Twilight Wars.

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Elf then half-elf, then human.


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