Einar Dragonreaver
Einar Dragonreaver
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1211 NS
Home Skìnanheim
Alias(es) Dragonreaver
Title(s) Prince of the Gelb Clan
Ruler of Skìnanheim
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation ?
Loyalty Gelb Clan

Prince Einar Hammergrimm Viglundarson, also known as Einar Dragonreaver, is the son of Viglundar Hammergrimm and the ruler of Skìnanheim, the Glittering City. He is the twin brother of Jokel.

He wields a massive greataxe in battle.


Early life

Battle with Hringurthyófur

Rule of Skìnanheim

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