Echoes of the Sleeping Sun

Echoes of the Sleeping Sun is a saga set in 172 PI in Elduria and the elven kingdom of Tir'Ein.


The Roots of Fam Bren

In 172 PI, Enwa Twn Gem sacked the sacred city of Aelwyd. Most of the royal family escaped, but Litaffyn Brenhines was captured by Enwa's forces. The Methu Gwarchod Mercenary Company were hired in the human city of Aillthair by the representatives of the Einish royal family to recover the princess. Also, in a secret mission known only to the three captains of the company, they were to ensure the recovery of the Orb of Darkness, kept under the roots of Fam Bren, the royal tree. The Orb was trapped under the sacred roots with the spirit of its last master, the drow nethermancer, Ollieth.

Methu Gwarchod sailed to the southern parts of the Western Hills and made base camp. Then the three captains traveled east to scout the city. Silverstorm saw that the city was in ruin, but no sign of invaders was seen. When they approached closer, crossing the Anri River north of the city, they saw many empty suits of leafweave armor, unattended banners and weapons lying on the ground, littered all over. They came in the city near the farming fields, Eirian noticed the ground had been salted and that the bodies of the Cwdry elves had been sown into the field like seeds. Saethyr checked the mouths of the bodies for obsidian, but found none.

They soon found a number of Elidyr elves, who attacked them with bow and blade. These elves were drained of color and left a pure white in their skin, hair and eyes. They had no shadows. When slain, their bodies faded into pools of smokey shadow and fled into a cavernous hole in the roots of Fam Bren. Saethyr cast light on an arrow which Eirian shot into the hole, the shadows swallowed the light and the arrow alike. They decided to see to the tree first.

The massive doors leading into the sacred tree were already knocked down by the invaders, but the captains decided to take this tree from the top. They ascended the tree to the highest level where they saw the empty royal owlery. The captains entered the king's chambers and found two white elidyr, who were quickly slain. The elidyr kept a journal telling of Enwa's invasion, his kidnapping of the princess and the taking of the Orb of Darkness. The removal of the orb from its resting place broke a seal, releasing a dark spirit who twisted everyone in the city. Enwa, the princess and all but a holding force lead by Enwa's mamhebygol were already free of the city. The journal told of the transformation and the slaughter of brothers. They had boarded the doors from inside the king's chambers, but later succumbed to the infection.

The captains went lower into the tree and found a level filled with headless bodies of both Cwdry and Elidyr elves. One floor below was a large chapel, the only resident within was a lone elf maiden stirring a cauldron. The maiden looked at the generals and they saw her body was half taken over by the white sickness. She was Codeth, the mamhebygol of Enwa. In her madness she thought the captains were her own men and she warned them not to go into the roots of the tree. She gave Eirian a cold iron axe, telling him the axe was pure and the shadows can't abide purity.

Silverstorm and the rest were ready to go into the roots. They found inside a dark cave with thick shadows that resisted their magical light. They went to the level below and saw the resting altar of the orb. In the cave was a goat of a local breed. The goat spoke to them and expressed desire to take their forms, using their power to escape the cavern's seals. Eirian fired an arrow at the goat and it shattered into shadow-shards which then reformed into three demons of smoke and darkness. During the battle, Silverstorm was held by the demons' magic and Saethyr was killed by claw and spell. His body was taken by the demon and fought against Eirian until Silverstorm regained the ability to move and saved his companion. The body of Saethyr fell into the pool of the cavern and Saethyr's spirit infused with the cavern's runes, once again capturing the spirit of Ollieth the Nethermancer.

Once out of the cave, Eirian signaled to the rest of the company to move in and secure the city. Scouts reported to the two remaining captains that the Eight Banner Army had moved north, across the Pass of Bones. They have with them the Princess and the Orb.

Pass of Bones

Battle of the Orb of Darkness


Methu Gwarchod Mercenaries

Other Allied forces.


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