Echo Therosin
Echo Therosin
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death (place) ?
Home ?
Alias(es) Queen of Whispers
Title(s) Queen
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members House Therosin
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Echo Therosin is the Queen of Coranthe, wife to Soren Therosin. She is a legendary beauty. Echo is profoundly ruthless, treacherous, ambitious, and cruel. She will stop at nothing to achieve power and prestige for herself and her family.


Early life

She was never fond of her brother. She applied the learnings of warcraft to politics.

She was the subject of a troubling prophecy.


When she was first presented to House Therosin, Archam presented her with poems and courted her. However, she was more fond of Soren. However, she was already betrothed to the heir of House de'Foe.

She also met with the handsome Prince Hamlet and they courted for a time.

Year of Harrows

Echo was banished from her keep and disowned from her house. It was when her betrothed attempted to rape her that Hamlet killed him and became her savior.

She lived in Jurus and made a great connection with Leonurus III.

Marriage and life in Jurus

She married Soren Therosin.

She gave birth to Damyon Therosin.


When Soren was crowned, Echo moved back to Coranthe. She became pregnant for a second time, but the baby did not survive.

Appearance and personality

Echo was always dressed in the finest materials. Her dresses were always cut to hint at her sleek figure. Echo answered every question with another question or a cryptic answer. She was fond of flirting with others and pushing their boundaries. She would manage to keep her beauty through years, using elixirs and ointments of House Redletter.


King Soren Therosin

see Soren Therosin

Husband and true love

Prince Damyon Therosin

see Damyon Therosin

Son. On his way to becoming a knight

Prince Hamlet d'Garron

see Hamlet d'Garron

Old friend.

Ser Archam Therosin

see Archam Therosin


Morgan de'Ragar

see morgan-de-ragar


Ser Varazes the True

see Varazes Lexius


Lord Caidon d'Verdeaux

see Caidon d'Verdeaux

father - rocky relationship

Leonurus III

see Leonurus III


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