Durzagon is a duergar kingdom located in the Rasarit Wastes, east of the Wyrmspires. In many ways, Durzagon is the civil successor to Midas, the duergars taking over control sometime after the Tiefling Wars.

Durzagon has a very large area and a large population to fill it. Korumak is the capital, the kingdom's largest city and the cultural center of the land.

Durzagon is home to some of the world's oldest ruins from the empires and countless wars that had proceeded its founding. The kingdom is also known as the Land of Two Towers, referring to the Anma Tower in Korumak and the Dogum Tower in Shetlik.

The political system of Durzagon comprises several intricately connected governing bodies. The highest authority is the Imparator. The duergar continue their tradition of demon and shadow worship in their land and Infernal is the official language.


  • rahat; major port city. Built next to river on top of Midan ruins. Foreign quarter. Thriving organized crime families.



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