Durzagon is a duergar kingdom located in the Rasarit Wastes, east of the Wyrmspires. In many ways, Durzagon is the civil successor to Midas, the duergars taking over control sometime after the Tiefling Wars.

Durzagon has a very large area and a large population to fill it. Korumak is the capital, the kingdom's largest city and the cultural center of the land.

Durzagon is home to some of the world's oldest ruins from the empires and countless wars that had proceeded its founding. The kingdom is also known as the Land of Two Towers, referring to the Anma Tower in Korumak and the Dogum Tower in Shetlik.

The political system of Durzagon comprises several intricately connected governing bodies. The highest authority is the Imparator. The duergar continue their tradition of demon and shadow worship in their land and Infernal is the official language.


  • rahat; major port city. Built next to river on top of Midan ruins. Foreign quarter. Thriving organized crime families.




The duergar are goal-oriented and adhere strictly to their hierarchical society, though its exact structure can change drastically over time. An individual's standing within the community is greatly influenced by his battle prowess and, most importantly, the number of foes he has slain in combat. Their culture is bland and lacking in traditions, owing in part to their exceedingly strict militaristic lifestyle. To a duergar, anything that does not directly contribute to its own survival or power is nothing more than a useless trinket. Accordingly, they have no appreciation of artistic expression, and their dwellings are roughly hewed from stone and furnished with the sparsest of accommodations.

They toil daily under the unending watch of Laduguer, their cruel and joyless godking, who demands that the duergar be prepared against any possible threat; to let your guard down for even a moment is to welcome death. It is Laduguer who freed the duergar and the dwarves form the giants and that the ungrateful dwarves repaid their debt by turning their backs to him and his people. As retribution for their sacrilege, he demands that the duergar slay dwarves whenever they can and urges his people to annihilate all others who stand before them: in Laduguer's eyes, mercy is weakness, and weakness is punishable by death.

WIELDING A FIERY WARHAMMER, a duergar guard flings poisoned quills at its enemies.

A DUERGAR SCOUT ATTACKS FROM AMBUSH, Sniping with its c r o s s b ow as it moves u n s e e n among its foes.

A DUERGAR FLESHTEARER USES ITS SMOKING CLAWS to rip the life from its enemies.

A DUERGAR THEURGE LAUNCHES A FIERY RAIN against its foes. The approach of a theurge can drain creatures of the will to fight.

ALREADY A FORMIDABLE OPPONENT, a shock trooper grows more imposing when bloodied—literally.

BRISTLING WITH LETHAL QUILLS, the hellcaller can also summon a lesser devil to battle its foes.

INFERNAL PRIESTS OF ASMODEUS, duergar blasphemers punish unbelievers with poison and fire.

THE HEAVILY ARMORED BLACKGUARD relentlessly pursues one enemy across the field of battle, pounding it with repeated waraxe attacks.

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