Durmörkûngar, the Howling King, was a Kaiser of Untergrund during the Age of Magic.


Life and Growing Madness

The Surgeon King

Defeat and Imprisonment

Though defeated, he would not die.

The Gelb Clan took the bound king and his treasury with them as they carved the Deep Roads.

They imprisoned him in the Frēiuz, a massive silver maiden within a chamber called the Gibbering Halls.

Hellbound Heart

Book of Hidden Spaces

Written by the Howling King's jester, Zopfheim, the Book of Hidden Spaces (Verborgene Räume) contains the entirety of the mad ramblings of Durmörkûngar.

Within the pages include the descriptions of a tortuous outer plane and the flaying devils that dwell there as well as the instructions for building an intricate device to open a gate between the realms and invite the Surgeons to come through.

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